There is a place dear to my heart (outside my family) where I have watched babies grow, miracles happen and unconditional Love that one can only imagine. For the past 17 years I have volunteered and supported The Big Bear Alpine Zoo. It is one of the only two Alpine Zoos in the United States located an altitude of 8,000 the San Bernardino Mountains. It is a “Home for Life” for some of the most incredible animals I have ever had the privilege of interacting with.

All of these wonderful creatures have either been harmed, encountered human interaction or found themselves in location where they were not desired and their lives were threatened. The Big Bear Alpine Zoo takes in animals and will rehabilitate them and release them back into the wild if they can. If not, they become permanent residents of the Zoo. One of my best and dearest friends is Debbie Richardson who is the curator of the Zoo. I have watched her over the years give all her time and energy and sometimes sacrifice her own well-being and money to take care of these animals always doing it willing and with Joy.

 I can’t tell you how many times she has said to me “How in world am I going to get enough money to get the medical supplies, food and material for a new enclosure to take care of some of the animals that were dropped on her door step. Always finding a way to do it . .even if the money came out of her own pocket. Deb’s love and passion for these animals is what makes her day..Everyday!!

Over the years I have experienced what some can only dream of. I have played with baby mountain lions and watched them grow, Bottle feed a bear cub and watched her heal, listen to a porcupine talk to me as I cleaned her housing. I have drove home with raccoon prints all over my jeans and back. I’ve had a Bobcat play with my hair and the privilege of building a house for an eagle names old man, who just watched from a far. I usually smell like a combination of fruit, fish, peanut butter and hay (I know some of you were totally turned on by that ..LOL) along with my boots covered in a combination of mud and use your imagination while cleaning the bear’s housing and racking the Mule deer area. 

So why I am telling you this? The location that the Zoo is currently on, has lost its lease and is in the process of a relocation program. The proposed relocation, if approved, will enhance the facility in hundreds of ways. I have been involved and created fundraiser in the past for the Zoo as anything and any amount helps. The Big Bear Zoo is not just a place of rehabilitating animals. It is a place where these precious animals become family. 

They have become part of who I am and what I love. I am true believer of ALWAYS giving back!! This is why, I am going to give 50% of my proceeds for every copy of Got Baggage? that is purchased through Amazon or through me personally.

I am asking you truly and sincerely to consider buying a copy. Please know this is not about me.. my book is a way for you to get something along with helping these precious animals. If you would like to make a donation without a copy of Got Baggage? You can send me a check (which is tax-deductible) made out to “Friends of the Big Bear Alpine Zoo” and I will present it along with my proceeds. My address, links for my book, and more info regarding zoo are on my giving page.

By helping yourself through Got Baggage? You are not only helping yourself.. You will be helping those who can’t do for themselves!! 

Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting the amount we generously have to give along with pictures of the animals and their pictures. 



I would like to present Big Bear Zoo the best Christmas present ever in December. Thank you so much!! You guys are Awesome!! Let’s Make a Difference for those who cant’!!! Stay Inspired!! Love Mikki