Can We Achieve “The Gold” in Our Own Lives?

 Can we achieve “The Gold” in our own lives?

The Olympics over the next 14 days will par-take as a part in our lives. Even if we are not watching it, there is no way not to hear something regarding these sports. If you are like me, I absolutely love watching the Olympics’. Even though I will probably never a jump the half pipe on a snow board or fly through the air on skis, it still brings out the excitement in me to see someone thrilled beyond words when they accomplish that amazing goal that they have worked years to achieve.

 It takes a very special kind of temperament to be an Olympic Athlete. They’re an elite group. I have often asked “What makes an Olympic athlete different than those watching the sport?”  “Can we achieve “The Gold in our own lives” and “What does it take?”

Passion, Focus and Determination!!  I truly believe anything you have a passion for can become a reality. It doesn’t matter whether it’s winning an Olympic medal, getting to your ideal weight, starting the business you have always dreamed of or creating the life you truly desire.

 The key is choosing what is important to you and focusing on that goal. Once your ideal passion is in place, the trick is not to lose focus and to keep the determination to reach it. We all have an Olympic Athlete within us.

 It’s about choosing the things that make your heart soar… It’s about the passion of going for your own personal “Gold Medal.”.. It is believing you have already won!!

 Mikki St.Germain; – Speaker, Author, “Got Baggage” – Packing for Happiness”