Loss or Clean Slate?

Hi Everyone!! It has been waaaayyyy to long since I have posted to my blog. I apologize as I have spent the past two months writing and putting the finishing touches on my second book in the Got Baggage? series. 

Now with that being said, three days ago,I returned from a little overnight vacation in the mountains. As I returned I turned on my computer to check my email. I walked away to get a cup of coffee and as I returned I discovered the screen froze. I attempted Ctl Alt Delete and nothing. I finally shut it down manually…gave it a few moments and tried to restart it. As the power came on it said ” No Operating System” Now I am in a panic. As I realize that I had not backed up the 2nd half of my book that I just finished. Part of me felt sick. I then realized that the 3rd book I was working on was never backed up at all. However, luckily I had sent a rough draft to some friends to read and give me feedback. 

So off to the Windows store on Thursday to see if they had any clue. To my surprise I was informed it would take at least 14 day to even determine if it is a virus, a disconnection on the hard drive OR the hard drive is complete toast.

14 days is a loooonnng time to wait and see if they can recover all my work. So as I drove home feeling like a complete idiot.. as I should have backed up my book. I thought to myself. I have two choices. 

1. Wait – Outcome:  Get back everything and be two weeks or longer behind sending my book out while waiting for them to fix it. Or Discover that it is completely gone and have to start re-writing everything again. 

2. See it as a Clean Slate. – Outcome:  start writing everything over again and probably be finished with it prior to them even giving me an answer Who knows I may offer a better book as I rewrite the information.. Plus if get everything back I can compare and maybe discover something better I didn’t have before.

As much as this frustrates me, more because I didn’t do a simple action by backing everything up, It gave me a strong sense of taking control of a situation that I could do nothing about to change.at this given moment. 

I have limited access to a computer to write, blog, update my web-site, FB, Tweet,or edit past Radio Shows (which I lost past shows also). and in a way I look at it as Blessing in a round about way.

Instead of seeing this a a detriment to my lifestyle..I see it as a chance to really shine and take this opportunity to knock out 2 Amazing Books that can help others far beyond a one time tweet!!

Embrace Events My Friends.. Even though they can be a hassle.. the outcome maybe Spectacular!!!  

Stay Inspired!!