Gratitude doesn’t always come wrapped in pretty packaging as a gift we embrace.

Here we are Attitude with Gratitude on day 26 the day before Thanksgiving!! Being Grateful comes in so many forms. Who knew that trying to fill 26 days with something to be grateful for would at times leave me staring at my computer screen asking myself, “What am I Grateful for Today?” Sometimes there would be big things, others time little things and a lot of times the same things.  I am always grateful for my healthy children, my health, my relationship, and my opportunities to live a life that I always enjoy. In order to be grateful for all the wonderful things in our lives we have to be grateful for the ugly things too.

 Gratitude doesn’t always come wrapped in pretty packaging as a gift we embrace.  

I am grateful for the events, experience and people that are far less than a desirable.  I am truly grateful for the difficult times of my past, As today I am a stronger person.  I am grateful for the events that left me wondering what I did wrong so I could pick myself up and go on with that knowledge.  I am even grateful for choices made for the few individuals that no longer take part in my life, as it opened up more of opportunity to love and grow by letting go. It even gave me the opportunity to receive them with compassion instead of resentment.

Being Grateful allows us to find Joy in everything even the things we don’t want to be grateful for.

Stay Inspired!!

Mikki St. Germain

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