Am I Grateful because I am Happy or Am I Happy because I am Grateful!!

Last official day for Attitude with Gratitude!! Even though we are coming to close on the official “Gratitude” month, Gratitude is something we need to feel each and every day….even in March 🙂

Am I Grateful because I am Happy or Am I Happy because I am Grateful!!

I would like to think it is the later of the two. Finding the beauty, the lesson, the opportunity the personal growth allows us to be more of an authentic person that we are truly meant to be.
When we are grateful it opens up an avenue to more giving. Gratitude allows us to let go of the things that are not so important because we become focused on the good. We begin to let go of what doesn’t serve us anymore. It allows us to create a space in our lives to accept the joy. We begin to celebrate even the small things that surround us. Gratitude, gives us the clear ability to see the day as a present that we can graciously accept and emerge ourselves in. Circumstances no longer have the control over us when we have gratitude within our soul.

Gratitude is more than just a Thank you is an action from your soul that overflows into your heart!!

I am so touched by those of you who contributed your thoughts, gratitude and comments along the way. I hope this gratitude month overflows into next month and the next month and the next year.. and every day of your life!!

Stay Inspired My Friends!!

Love, Mikki

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