I’m a Role Model NOT a Super Model!!

I have seen it time and time again; people make the comparison of what is acceptable as beautiful and what is considered to be the “average” or the “norm”

We get so caught up in “fitting” in, that we become afraid of being ourselves.  Why do we spend so much time searching for the things to make us feel beautiful, when the reality is we ARE BEAUTIFUL!

If you have been reading my past articles or heard me on air, than you know how strong I feel that binge eating is attached to our emotions.  Many of the reasons most of us binge eat or have diets that fail is that our emotional state is based on our self-esteem.

Somewhere, sometime, somehow, we have let an opinion, a perception or rules of what is considered beautiful become the marker of how we should be as individuals.  I always wonder, who are these people. Is there a secret room filled with those who set “guide lines” of what is considered beautiful? Seriously, and better yet are there mirrors in this room?

“Do not surrender your inner beauty, based on someone else’s opinion”

It took me a long time to realize that it was more important for me to be a Role Model than a Super Model!! Each one of us has a gift that has a way of bringing something wonderful, enlightening and beautiful in to this world. I stopped obsessing over the way I looked and concentrated on what I had to offer.  Before I knew it, my focus on my passion led me to feel more empowered about myself and less concerned about the search for something that would “make me” feel beautiful.

God gave us each a set of different finger prints. I would like to believe that is the reason each one of us leaves our own individual mark on the world by everything we touch. And that my friends, is what makes us beautiful!!

Mikki St. Germain is an Author/Speaker/Radio Host. Her passion for the past 20+ years has been to help others transform their lives. She is the creator of the Got Baggage? ™ Series. (Her books can be found on Amazon)  She is the founder of Circleofgood.org, – Kind Words CAN Make a Difference!  http://www.MikkiStGermain.com   949-429-3438