“FALL In Love with YOU”

Fall In LOVE with You!!

Autumn is my favorite season. It is a time where everything is filled with change.  The weather takes on a chill in the air.  We change our appearance with sweaters, jackets and boots that have sat dormant in the back of the closets for months. The kids go back to school and of course pumpkin everything arrives in every food item imaginable. With the coming of autumn, it can only leave us to think that the holidays are right around the corner.

We have two full months prior to the holidays.  So why not use September and October as a time to reflect, prepare and create a solid game plan to change emotionally to enhance our selves personally.  Maybe, instead of “falling” into the traditional idea of eating our way through the next 3 months, we take the time to “Fall” in Love with ourselves and change any negative beliefs into something positive.  Use this as a time to become strong in our physical and mental well-being.

We don’t have to wait for the beginning of the year to be a marker for change.

How wonderful would it be to decide ahead of time that this New Year’s resolution would not be to lose weight, but to make a resolution such as, taking a trip, grow your business with success, create a loving relationship or even learn something new. You would be amazed at how the main focus, time and energy to achieve a fun and prosperous goal will actually come to fruition. When we take care of ourselves emotionally, being healthy physically is easy.   Just as autumn is a time to let go and grow, make this a time for you to let go of emotions and obstacles that keep you from achieving your goals.  Make this your change of season to; “Fall in Love with yourself, your body and who you are” Let YOUR TRUE COLORS SHINE!!!

Mikki St. Germain – Transformational Speaker, Author & Radio Host. Her passion for the past 20+ years has been to help others transform their lives. Attend her workshop every Friday in October, Stop Eating Your Emotions, For more Info, please visit:  http://www.MikkiStGermain.com   949-429-3438

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