Strength in a Stranger

The silence in the car between Robert and Megan was deafening. There was nothing left to say that could be of any substance after being together for the past 20 years.

They had been traveling in the car for sixteen hours, and the highway seemed like a long stretch of road with no ending in sight. Megan looked out the window and would take in the scenery as if it seemed to whisk by as a moment in time. At least this trip was mildly interesting since most adventures prior for Megan and Robert were considered banal by the usual idea of what a trip should be. While Robert was annoyed, since they were forced to detour off the highway due to construction, Megan was grateful for this change in plans as she would have an opportunity to observe the little towns and cities of the state. This was exciting to her since all Megan could register was a constant blur usually driving by them at seventy-five miles an hour. Robert always wanted to rush their trips. Everything was set as an agenda that needed to be followed and only stopping for gas or food which was always “to go” Rather simply, it was all gas no brakes.

The detour took them into a little town that would have been missed along a highway route. Robert pulled into to the first gas station he saw. Megan stepped out to stretch her legs and she checked the time on her phone, it was 8:30 pm. She was tired and hungry. As Robert filled the car with gas, Megan said to him “I’m going across the street to get a cup of coffee, do you want anything”? Robert answered “No, but make it quick, I want to get back on the road and make up for the time we lost getting off the highway.” Megan didn’t respond to Robert. However, within her head a thought arose within her mind; “Make up for lost time? What does that mean? How can you lose time? Time is time! How it’s used doesn’t matter you can never get it back.” She started towards the diner and stopped to look both ways as she crossed the railroad tracks. Everything was clear on this gloomy summer night, including the tracks themselves. The diner itself was family owned, and anyone could tell it has been for quite some time. It glistened with nostalgia and carried the sweet sense of the 60’s within its preserved premises. She arrived at the diner’s well-lit front door and walked in; she scanned the room. Megan could see it was full of customers, while the night was slowly coming to a close, this diner definitely was not.

Some were together conversing enjoying the company of their own banter, while others were on their computer with notebooks who she assumed were students, most likely cramming for whatever exams they have on the horizon. Along with families who were out for a milkshake with kids making a mess and moms and dads savoring the fact that their only kids for so long. She looked at the board and saw something different, a lavender latte. She pondered, “Maybe this was just what I need to get through next leg of this trip.” She sighed and ordered her drink, in which the staff was more than friendly on accommodating her order and she proceeded to step off to the side as she waited. Her eyes navigated towards the window only to see impatient Robert standing there looking in at her pointing at his wrist to make her aware of the time she was wasting, as if he was scolding her for dedicating any moment to leisure on a road trip. Just then the staff member broke her concentration on Robert by mentioning her drink was ready. Megan hastily picked up her drink and showed it to Robert while pointing at from afar. Through the window she could witness the usual disgusted face of disapproval that Megan was so familiar with regardless of what she did. She thanked the barista and headed towards the door. The stark contrast of life between the barrier of the diner versus the open night was near startling. The silence of the night, however, was interrupted when the commuter train was arriving. Apparently, the station was next to the diner, which she never noticed when wondering towards the diner. There was a….

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It was a crazy Monday, and here I was once again sitting in the car line waiting to pick up my son. Where many find it annoying to wait in this conglomerate of rushing parents, I embrace that 5 minutes to breathe after a jammed packed day with back to back events. As he got in the car and threw his backpack in the back seat, he went on to tell me how he had 3 quizzes and only had prepared for 2. He went on to say “I also forgot my lunch on the counter this morning and I am so hungry.” Without a pause, he continued with, “So glad we have football today, at least it’s something fun”.

I thought to myself, within less than  one minute my son went from acknowledging the things that were difficult, and ended it with something he was grateful for, that made him happy.

It made me realize how quickly and how in control we are of our happiness based on gratitude. Something as simple as being thankful can change everything emotionally and mentally within a split second.
As we drove home, he went on joyously listening to his music; I went on pondering the powerful moment that just occurred. How easy and clear is it, that we get caught up in our everyday lives and events that the smallest time frame and moment of gratitude can change our whole mind frame and the way we feel.
I know we are aware of the big things to be grateful for, such as our health and our families.
We can even be thankful for avoiding a situation that would have ended in tragedy. I myself have blurted out, “Thank God I stopped to look before going, as someone unaware just ran a red light”
We all have experienced gratitude for the big things. However, when is the last time we stopped to be grateful for the little things that we take for granted every day?

Even at this very moment as you read this, be grateful for the teacher who taught you to read. Be grateful for the individual who planted and picked the coffee beans that you are enjoying in a cup of coffee. Gratitude is attached to Happiness. When we are grateful, failure can be put into perspective. Just because something did not go as planned we can still embrace the positive and move onto creating the success.

There is always something to be grateful for within each day. I challenge each and every one of you to keep a post it note nearby and at the end of the day write down one thing you are grateful for that day. Begin with I am thankful for… I am glad that…. I can almost guarantee that each day you will find a little joy that maybe you never noticed before.
Each day you will find positive changes. Positive changes within how you may relate to others, your situation, and your environment.
Gratitude is like a magnet to Happiness, the more you are grateful the more joy you discover in your life.

If you can always find gratitude, you will always have joy… and that my friends is something in itself to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving! – Author , Speaker, Radio Host, Mikki St.Germain – or

I’m a Role Model NOT a Super Model!!

I have seen it time and time again; people make the comparison of what is acceptable as beautiful and what is considered to be the “average” or the “norm”

We get so caught up in “fitting” in, that we become afraid of being ourselves.  Why do we spend so much time searching for the things to make us feel beautiful, when the reality is we ARE BEAUTIFUL!

If you have been reading my past articles or heard me on air, than you know how strong I feel that binge eating is attached to our emotions.  Many of the reasons most of us binge eat or have diets that fail is that our emotional state is based on our self-esteem.

Somewhere, sometime, somehow, we have let an opinion, a perception or rules of what is considered beautiful become the marker of how we should be as individuals.  I always wonder, who are these people. Is there a secret room filled with those who set “guide lines” of what is considered beautiful? Seriously, and better yet are there mirrors in this room?

“Do not surrender your inner beauty, based on someone else’s opinion”

It took me a long time to realize that it was more important for me to be a Role Model than a Super Model!! Each one of us has a gift that has a way of bringing something wonderful, enlightening and beautiful in to this world. I stopped obsessing over the way I looked and concentrated on what I had to offer.  Before I knew it, my focus on my passion led me to feel more empowered about myself and less concerned about the search for something that would “make me” feel beautiful.

God gave us each a set of different finger prints. I would like to believe that is the reason each one of us leaves our own individual mark on the world by everything we touch. And that my friends, is what makes us beautiful!!

Mikki St. Germain is an Author/Speaker/Radio Host. Her passion for the past 20+ years has been to help others transform their lives. She is the creator of the Got Baggage? ™ Series. (Her books can be found on Amazon)  She is the founder of, – Kind Words CAN Make a Difference!   949-429-3438

Food to Entertain Us!!

We’ve all said it at one time or another: I’m bored.

When we are bored we may not be in a good nor a bad mood. We are most likely in “I don’t think there is anything to do so I will fill my time by eating mood”. Boredom can be one of the greatest challenges on the road to a healthy lifestyle.  So how do we break the vicious cycle of standing in front of the frig and allowing a gallon of ice cream to entertain us?

There are two types of boredom. The temporary boredom where there is no other outside pleasure and enjoyment that creates interest, so we use food as something to do. Where if your friends called you and asked you to come over and play a game of Pictionary, the ice cream goes back in the freezer and hence boredom is resolved!!

The second type of boredom is where we use food as a coping mechanism. We crave more and more sugary and high carb foods to feel the reward of pleasure in our brains. When we experience boredom we are actually triggering the need for pleasure. It’s a vicious cycle, the more we eat the more it takes to feel the pleasure. Like it or not, this is why our favorite comfort foods are an addiction.

The ways to overcome boredom and activate the pleasure center in our brains while traveling a healthy path:Bottom of Form

  1. Be aware of what foods you constantly go to as your comfort foods. Ask yourself, “Am I eating this because I want the taste of it or is it because I have nothing else to do? High sugar foods bring on the binge.
  1. Have a game plan of things to do. We all have goals. Put a post-it note in your frig that says” What have you done today to get you closer to your goal.” If you haven’t done anything this is the perfect time to do it.  If watching TV is the main time you find yourself binging, replace the TV time with something else to stimulate your brain. This will not only break the binging habit, you may actually find you have more time in your day J

Mikki St. Germain is an Author/Speaker/Radio Host. Her passion for the past 20 years has been to help others transform their lives. She is the creator of the Got Baggage? ™ Series.  Her new book Got Baggage? –“Unpacking the Pounds”, offers insight and the tools to overcome emotional eating.  She is the founder of,  – Kind Words CAN Make a Difference!   949-429-3438

Eating Our Emotions!

Eating Our Emotions

After a stressful day of work, my plan of action was to walk directly to the cabinet.  I knew this is where I would find all the answers I needed emotionally in the bag of chips that would be there waiting for me.

As I reached for the chips I actually stopped and stood there for almost five minutes fighting with myself. I said things like “I‘ll just have a few”; knowing that was a lie. I knew I would devour that bag of chips as if I was in an eating contest.

I had created a mental habit of binging when I was stressed.  I could feel it, the trigger and urge that would be a temporary fix to the way I felt. I was trying to feed my feelings with food which left me even more starved emotionally.

I finally focused and said “No, I am not going to eat these chips or anything else in this cabinet.  I’m not even hungry. I’m just going for the chips because that is what I have always done.”  It was like an “on” switch, which my mind had clicked on its own.

My own journey of dealing with emotional eating has led me to help others cope with emotions that have held them prisoner to a cheesecake. . Many times this is the reason we have the yo-yo effect with diets and exercise.

We need to be emotionally fit to be physically fit.  Using the tool FIT –  F – Feelings    I – Impact   T- Take Action,  will help us to overcome and change the urge to binge and break the eating habits.

F-  What am I feeling?   I – What will be the Impact on me if I eat instead of dealing with the emotion in a healthier way?  T – Take Action and replace the eating with a more productive and positive way to be healthy.

My passion for the past 20+ years has been to help others transform their lives. As  the creator of the Got Baggage? ™ Series.  My new book Got Baggage? –“Unpacking the Pounds”, offers insight and the tools to overcome emotional eating. To order on Amazon:

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Stay Inspired My Friends!!

And Always Remember.. The Most Courageous Thing You Can Do… is BE YOURSELF!!!  Love, Mikki

Risk is The ONLY Road to Success!

Risk Is The ONLY Road to Success!

Anything or anyone that has grown above and beyond the considered “norm” of the time has had to take a risk. Most of the time they did it with everyone either laughing at them or doubting it could be done.

Some individuals were so strong in their conviction that they were persecuted and exiled from their homes.

Galileo discovered that the earth revolved around the sun and that the earth was not the center of the universe, which was the popular belief at that time. His life was threatened. To appease those judging him, and to avoid the torture with which he was threatened, Galileo confessed that he had been wrong in saying that the earth moved around the sun. His life was spared, however he remained under house arrest for the rest of his life.

Other people had ideas that society thought were so outrageous, that they were marked as crazy for even coming up with the ideas. Once the Wright brothers had their Kitty Hawk success, they continued to fly in open fields for an entire year.

The Scientific American Magazine published stories about “The Lying Brothers.” Authorities refused to come and see their demonstrations even though letters came in reporting the local crazies and their flying machine. The Wright brothers moved to Europe and became an overnight success, selling contracts to France and Britain.

Yes, risk is a scary thing. But I would rather be happy choosing to take my own risks than continually living my life based on others’ comfort zones.

So what if other people think it’s crazy. People make judgments because they are uncomfortable with the thought of change.  Very rarely can you achieve the ultimate success by staying in your comfort zone.  There is a limited amount you can do within the comfort zone, and eventually you have to venture out.

There is nothing different between you and me, or you and any other person who has created success in their life. The only thing different is that they took action.They started and never stopped.  No matter what detours got in their way, no matter what anyone said, and regardless of whether it had been done before, they kept going. All it took was belief and faith in what they were doing.

(From Got Baggage? – Packing for Happiness, Author Mikki St. Germain)

“Christmas In Denmark”

With the Holidays approaching I decided to travel the world and celebrate traditions from around the world. As many of you know I host a radio show each Thursday on Inner Light Radio. My programs entail a variety of topics and guest that will always leave you feeling a little better about life.

From Oct 1st to Jan 2nd I can not think of a better time of year where we all come together and share a little more joy between us.

So as we kick off December we will celebrate “Christmas In Denmark” with my dear friend and Co-host  – Dorthe Larson Hopkins. Dorthe is a native of Denmark and her gift to us is the traditional Rice Pudding used to celebrate each years festive holiday.

I Love this tradition as whom ever finds the whole almond in the pudding gets an little gift!!

Holiday Rice Pudding!!

Cherry Sauce


  • Split half of the vanilla pod length ways, scrape out the seeds.
    Place the milk and vanilla in a heavy-bottomed pan. Bring to a boil.
    Reduce the heat. Add the rice gradually, stirring constantly.
    Increase the heat and bring to a boil again.
    When the milk boils, reduce the heat, cover and simmer on a very low heat for about 1 hour or until the rice is cooked. Stir from time to time, making sure that the rice doesn’t stick too much to the bottom.
    Leave to cool completely.(over night is best)
  • Whip the cream together with sugar. Fold the whipped cream and almonds into the rice. You can add more sugar or more almonds if you wish. Serve with warm cherry sauce.
  • Now make the cherry sauce. Place the cherries in a medium saucepan. Add sugar and 1 1/2 cups water. Add the vanilla pod. Simmer until the cherries are tender.
  • Combine the potato starch with 2 tablespoons cold water.
  • Bring the cherries to a boil. Remove the vanilla pod from the pot. Reduce the heat, and , stirring constantly, slowly pour the water with the starch. Simmer for a few minutes until the sauce thickens slightly.
  • Stir in the lemon juice and serve warm over the rice pudding. Garnish with a fresh mint leaf, if desired.
  • * I used frozen sour cherries in this recipe, but regular sweet cherries should work as well.


Happy Holidays!!




Am I Grateful because I am Happy or Am I Happy because I am Grateful!!

Last official day for Attitude with Gratitude!! Even though we are coming to close on the official “Gratitude” month, Gratitude is something we need to feel each and every day….even in March 🙂

Am I Grateful because I am Happy or Am I Happy because I am Grateful!!

I would like to think it is the later of the two. Finding the beauty, the lesson, the opportunity the personal growth allows us to be more of an authentic person that we are truly meant to be.
When we are grateful it opens up an avenue to more giving. Gratitude allows us to let go of the things that are not so important because we become focused on the good. We begin to let go of what doesn’t serve us anymore. It allows us to create a space in our lives to accept the joy. We begin to celebrate even the small things that surround us. Gratitude, gives us the clear ability to see the day as a present that we can graciously accept and emerge ourselves in. Circumstances no longer have the control over us when we have gratitude within our soul.

Gratitude is more than just a Thank you is an action from your soul that overflows into your heart!!

I am so touched by those of you who contributed your thoughts, gratitude and comments along the way. I hope this gratitude month overflows into next month and the next month and the next year.. and every day of your life!!

Stay Inspired My Friends!!

Love, Mikki

Gratitude doesn’t always come wrapped in pretty packaging as a gift we embrace.

Here we are Attitude with Gratitude on day 26 the day before Thanksgiving!! Being Grateful comes in so many forms. Who knew that trying to fill 26 days with something to be grateful for would at times leave me staring at my computer screen asking myself, “What am I Grateful for Today?” Sometimes there would be big things, others time little things and a lot of times the same things.  I am always grateful for my healthy children, my health, my relationship, and my opportunities to live a life that I always enjoy. In order to be grateful for all the wonderful things in our lives we have to be grateful for the ugly things too.

 Gratitude doesn’t always come wrapped in pretty packaging as a gift we embrace.  

I am grateful for the events, experience and people that are far less than a desirable.  I am truly grateful for the difficult times of my past, As today I am a stronger person.  I am grateful for the events that left me wondering what I did wrong so I could pick myself up and go on with that knowledge.  I am even grateful for choices made for the few individuals that no longer take part in my life, as it opened up more of opportunity to love and grow by letting go. It even gave me the opportunity to receive them with compassion instead of resentment.

Being Grateful allows us to find Joy in everything even the things we don’t want to be grateful for.

Stay Inspired!!

Mikki St. Germain

Loss or Clean Slate?

Hi Everyone!! It has been waaaayyyy to long since I have posted to my blog. I apologize as I have spent the past two months writing and putting the finishing touches on my second book in the Got Baggage? series. 

Now with that being said, three days ago,I returned from a little overnight vacation in the mountains. As I returned I turned on my computer to check my email. I walked away to get a cup of coffee and as I returned I discovered the screen froze. I attempted Ctl Alt Delete and nothing. I finally shut it down manually…gave it a few moments and tried to restart it. As the power came on it said ” No Operating System” Now I am in a panic. As I realize that I had not backed up the 2nd half of my book that I just finished. Part of me felt sick. I then realized that the 3rd book I was working on was never backed up at all. However, luckily I had sent a rough draft to some friends to read and give me feedback. 

So off to the Windows store on Thursday to see if they had any clue. To my surprise I was informed it would take at least 14 day to even determine if it is a virus, a disconnection on the hard drive OR the hard drive is complete toast.

14 days is a loooonnng time to wait and see if they can recover all my work. So as I drove home feeling like a complete idiot.. as I should have backed up my book. I thought to myself. I have two choices. 

1. Wait – Outcome:  Get back everything and be two weeks or longer behind sending my book out while waiting for them to fix it. Or Discover that it is completely gone and have to start re-writing everything again. 

2. See it as a Clean Slate. – Outcome:  start writing everything over again and probably be finished with it prior to them even giving me an answer Who knows I may offer a better book as I rewrite the information.. Plus if get everything back I can compare and maybe discover something better I didn’t have before.

As much as this frustrates me, more because I didn’t do a simple action by backing everything up, It gave me a strong sense of taking control of a situation that I could do nothing about to this given moment. 

I have limited access to a computer to write, blog, update my web-site, FB, Tweet,or edit past Radio Shows (which I lost past shows also). and in a way I look at it as Blessing in a round about way.

Instead of seeing this a a detriment to my lifestyle..I see it as a chance to really shine and take this opportunity to knock out 2 Amazing Books that can help others far beyond a one time tweet!!

Embrace Events My Friends.. Even though they can be a hassle.. the outcome maybe Spectacular!!!  

Stay Inspired!!