Desserts = Stressed

Eating Our Emotions

After a stressful day of work, my plan of action was to walk directly to the cabinet.  I knew this is where I would find all the answers I needed emotionally in the bag of chips that would be there waiting for me.

As I reached for the chips I actually stopped and stood there for almost five minutes fighting with myself. I said things like “I‘ll just have a few”; knowing that was a lie. I knew I would devour that bag of chips as if I was in an eating contest.

I had created a mental habit of binging when I was stressed.  I could feel it, the trigger and urge that would be a temporary fix to the way I felt. I was trying to feed my feelings with food which left me even more starved emotionally.

I finally focused and said “No, I am not going to eat these chips or anything else in this cabinet.  I’m not even hungry. I’m just going for the chips because that is what I have always done.”  It was like an “on” switch, which my mind had clicked on its own.

My own journey of dealing with emotional eating has led me to help others cope with emotions that have held them prisoner to a cheesecake. . Many times this is the reason we have the yo-yo effect with diets and exercise.

We need to be emotionally fit to be physically fit.  Using the tool FIT –  F – Feelings    I – Impact   T- Take Action,  will help us to overcome and change the urge to binge and break the eating habits.

F-  What am I feeling?   I – What will be the Impact on me if I eat instead of dealing with the emotion in a healthier way?  T – Take Action and replace the eating with a more productive and positive way to be healthy.

My passion for the past 20+ years has been to help others transform their lives. As  the creator of the Got Baggage? ™ Series.  My new book Got Baggage? –“Unpacking the Pounds”, offers insight and the tools to overcome emotional eating. –

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And Always Remember.. The Most Courageous Thing You Can Do… is BE YOURSELF!!!  Love, Mikki