It was a crazy Monday, and here I was once again sitting in the car line waiting to pick up my son. Where many find it annoying to wait in this conglomerate of rushing parents, I embrace that 5 minutes to breathe after a jammed packed day with back to back events. As he got in the car and threw his backpack in the back seat, he went on to tell me how he had 3 quizzes and only had prepared for 2. He went on to say “I also forgot my lunch on the counter this morning and I am so hungry.” Without a pause, he continued with, “So glad we have football today, at least it’s something fun”.

I thought to myself, within less than  one minute my son went from acknowledging the things that were difficult, and ended it with something he was grateful for, that made him happy.

It made me realize how quickly and how in control we are of our happiness based on gratitude. Something as simple as being thankful can change everything emotionally and mentally within a split second.
As we drove home, he went on joyously listening to his music; I went on pondering the powerful moment that just occurred. How easy and clear is it, that we get caught up in our everyday lives and events that the smallest time frame and moment of gratitude can change our whole mind frame and the way we feel.
I know we are aware of the big things to be grateful for, such as our health and our families.
We can even be thankful for avoiding a situation that would have ended in tragedy. I myself have blurted out, “Thank God I stopped to look before going, as someone unaware just ran a red light”
We all have experienced gratitude for the big things. However, when is the last time we stopped to be grateful for the little things that we take for granted every day?

Even at this very moment as you read this, be grateful for the teacher who taught you to read. Be grateful for the individual who planted and picked the coffee beans that you are enjoying in a cup of coffee. Gratitude is attached to Happiness. When we are grateful, failure can be put into perspective. Just because something did not go as planned we can still embrace the positive and move onto creating the success.

There is always something to be grateful for within each day. I challenge each and every one of you to keep a post it note nearby and at the end of the day write down one thing you are grateful for that day. Begin with I am thankful for… I am glad that…. I can almost guarantee that each day you will find a little joy that maybe you never noticed before.
Each day you will find positive changes. Positive changes within how you may relate to others, your situation, and your environment.
Gratitude is like a magnet to Happiness, the more you are grateful the more joy you discover in your life.

If you can always find gratitude, you will always have joy… and that my friends is something in itself to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving! – Author , Speaker, Radio Host, Mikki St.Germain – or

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